Many talented athletes do not go to college for fear of having to put their sport aside. Unfortunately, this is a dilemma for many young people who can benefit from excellent academic potential and fail to exploit it. Sports scholarships then appear obvious, to allow the ideal combination between sport and high-level studies!


Why the United-States and why college sport ?

One of the main reasons athletes strive for a sports scholarship in the USA is because it gives them the opportunity to receive a first class education at a reduced cost. Several of the best universities in the world such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Duke, UCLA, and Princeton are located in the United States.

American college sport offers athletes the best of both worlds. Get an education, play your favorite sport and compete in one of the toughest championships in the world.

A day in life of a student-athlete

(6h00 – 7h00 : Practice / Physical training)

7h00 : Breakfast

8h00 – 12h00 : Classes

12h30 – 13h30 : Lunch

14h00 – 17h00 : Practice

17h30 – 19h00 : Physical training / Classes

19h30 : Diner

20h00 – 22h30 : Homework

22h30 – 00h00 : Free time

Life on campus

Once on your college campus, you will find that everything is designed for you to thrive and to give you the maximum chance of success. University campuses look like large cities with as many buildings as possible such as: libraries, health centers, relaxation areas, cafes and places to eat, etc. The sports facilities will surprise you with their size and quality: stadiums, fields, weight rooms, cryotherapy, cold baths, etc. The athletic teams responsible for supervising you are made up of professionals: coach and assistant coach, physical trainer, mental trainer, physiotherapist, psychologist, etc …

Your accommodation will be located in the middle of the campus, in university residences called “dorms”. The first year you will share your room with another player from your team or another sportsman from the university, the perfect opportunity to meet new people and work on your English.

The facilities

Facilities and resources worthy of the professional level!

A student-athlete in the USA receives world-renowned sports support (coaching, physical and nutritional monitoring), access to first-rate sports facilities, free sports equipment and travel, and much more … advantages that make American universities real training centers worthy of professionals.

The scholarships

A unique life experience

Sport studies in the USA is above all a unique life experience, lasting from 1 to 5 years, during which a student-athlete can benefit from a scholarship to finance part or all of his studies through the sport.

How are sports scholarships awarded?

Sports scholarships are specific to the American university system. Sports scholarships are offered to student-athletes with outstanding performance on the field and in the classroom, to enable them to finance their graduate studies in the United States.

To get and keep a scholarship, athletes will need to participate in all training with their varsity team. The athletes will represent their university at the championship, considered the biggest championship in the world. University teams are managed by coaches, and serve as an advertising window for the university during competitions. If a team is recognized at the regional or even national level, this will help give the university more visibility. Many teams have their own weekly show on US TV channels, and some college teams are more popular than some pro teams. This is why university sport is a real means of communication and marketing of the university with a view to recruiting new students. They are ready to allocate significant budgets to recruit the best athletes from around the world to finance their studies.

A player’s level (national or regional) is not the only factor that will influence your scholarship percentage. The coaches also take into account your recent injuries and your sporting past. Very often, your sporting potential is of the utmost importance and coaches know from experience that even an athlete with an average level will be able to progress very quickly with intensive training methods.

A full scholarship or “Full ride scholarship” is estimated at 100% of university fees: tuition, books, accommodation, food, training costs, travel and competitions, sports equipment. Usually the percentage of your scholarship is linked to your athletic level, your academic level and the geographic location of the university.

The eligibility conditions

Be between 17 and 24 years old; Have graduated from high school, or have passed 1, 2 or 3 years in college; Have a minimum regional sports level; Have reached the minimum scores required in TOEFL & SAT

Diplomas and equivalences

In the United States, each university offers a wide choice of possible studies, and the vast majority of degrees obtained are recognized around the world. It is also possible to assert your diplomas already obtained abroad, in order to go directly into the 3rd year of the Bachelor or Master for example, in the U.S.A.

Associate’s degree

Considered as the first level of higher education, it corresponds to a 2-year diploma. The Associate’s degree consists of general courses on the basis of a common core and is taught in Community Colleges. Starting with an associate’s degree gradually familiarizes you with English, allowing you to integrate more easily.

Master’s degree

It allows students to pursue their specialization for 2 years after the Bachelor and its recognition is also international.

Bachelor’s degree

Considered the most popular of all American university degrees, the Bachelor is recognized everywhere and also exists in Europe, except that it is validated in 3 years while in the United States it is obtained in 4 years.


It corresponds to the highest and last level of American university studies. It is obtained after 2 years following the Master and therefore 4 years after the Bachelor. It is essential to become a Professor, Lawyer, Doctor, etc …

International openness

Thanks to international experience, you will acquire an open mind and a real ability to adapt. Your resume will be enriched, which will allow you to have access to professional opportunities all over the world. You will also have the opportunity to expand your relational network across several continents. It is also the assurance of an university degree recognized around the world and a complete command of English. Such an experience will prove that you are independent, open, motivated, daring and ready to learn.