We have succeeded in placing ourselves at the rank of leader among international sports scholarship agencies thanks to our experience, our transparency, our network, our tailor-made services, our follow-up, our search for innovation and our partners.

Special attention for each athlete

Athletic USA provides tailored, individual recruiting solutions for each athlete. We have a very strict assessment process to determine the chances of receiving a sports scholarship in the United States. That’s why we only work with athletes who can qualify.

Athletic USA and YOU

Having worked with the best sports scholarship agencies in the world, the Athletic USA team strives to provide the best recruiting services and ongoing support to its athletes. American university coaches are actively looking for European athletes because they have great academic and sporting potential and a passion and desire to prove themselves at the highest level.

We do not do in quantity but in quality! We assess each prospect and give an honest opinion on the chances of success. If we start working with a prospect, we are 100% committed to delivering the best possible deal and we are with our athletes until they are sure they have everything they need throughout their years at the university.

Our personal and professional experience,

helps you to face all the necessary steps.

Indeed, many of us have lived the American university experience or have been involved in the project. 

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Our transparency

We are never lying

Be completely honest with yourself about whether or not you can qualify for a scholarship and at what level. We are therefore committed to finding the university that best suits your profile and your goals.

Our large network

Some relations have become friendly

Since 2012, we have forged privileged relationships and a large network, with more than 22,000 coaches, in more than 24 sports disciplines. Thus we are able to offer you a wide choice of quality universities.

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Our tailored and comprehensive services

We only ask you to pay if you accept a scholarship offer..

Our programs offer full follow-up and full support, as we understand that the recruitment process is long and complex. All the administrative procedures will be managed by us, you just need to provide us with the information on time. 

Support before, during and after your departure.

We accompany you before your departure by directing you towards the most interesting university offers for you; during your stay if you need our support; and after your experience helping you manage your career.

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We are innovative

We allow you to stand out from other student-athletes by creating an amazing sports CV “Ebook”, including all the information necessary for coaches to make them want to recruit you (videos, photos and rewarding texts)

Thanks to our partnerships

we are able to offer you a global package including:

  • For the preparation of the SAT and TOEFL,
  • To organize your gap year (if applicable),
  • To guide you and advise you in the choice of your studies, with career orientation tests,
  • For your nutrition,
  • For your health insurance,
  • For your plane tickets