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Every success begins with the will to try

Athletic USA works with more than 3000 US universities and has a network of 22,000 coaches in 24 sports, which allows us to offer many possibilities to our customers.

We are looking for professional, reliable, and competent partners around the world. Working with us as an official partner or national or regional manager will allow you to start and grow your business in the sports industry.

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With the rapid expansion of Athletic USA, we have now launched overseas partnership opportunities. We are looking to establish ourselves in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, to support many more student-athletes.

Athletic USA does more than support talented athletes. We are a company seeking to explore opportunities and push the boundaries of what is possible for our athletes and partners. We are looking for people capable of growing, creating and dreaming.

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We strive to ensure that our work environment is fulfilling and supportive, and we aim to remain the most preferred employer of sports scholarship agencies.

We are looking for…

At the moment, we are actively looking for experts in the following countries: France, Italy, Germany, England, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.