Diego DE COOMAN, winner of our « Pick me campaign 2020 (PMC) » !

Originally from Belgium, Diego is a tennis player who stands out for his talents in freestyle. His Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/diego_freestyle_tennis/  has over 12,000 subscribers and his videos have even been shared by a certain Wawrinka!

By winning the PMC 2020 which took place between 07/01/2020 and 08/31/2020, Diego is receiving our full recruiting services, for free! Currently in high school and ranked 4/6, Diego will take his BAC in 2022, so we have 2 years to help him get a scholarship and join the American university of his dreams.…

If you too would like to try your chance in order to continue your studies in the USA, do not hesitate to contact us at info@athletic-usa.com or directly via the free form here: https://pipedrivewebforms.com/form/50070bf6eb28ef075ed2a31b2709c8807512096