Athletic USA cares about your health in the USA

During your international experiences, leave well insured!

To allow you to properly protect your health during your stays in the USA, Athletic USA is partnering with EuropUSA.

EuropUSA meets your needs with an international insurance solution specially designed to support student-athletes in the United States.

With EuropUSA insurance, you benefit thanks to the annual renewable PREMIUM contract:

• of a health cost guarantee up to € 1,000,000 without excess,

•a luggage insurance and early return guarantee.

• emergency dental and optical care coverage

• additional guarantees are included: repatriation, legal assistance, civil liability, internship and rental, individual accident…

• You do not advance money in the event of hospitalization.

For any subscription, simply complete the online form here :

For any additional information on the EuropUSA contract, we invite you to contact us

Team Athletic USA