My name is Léandre, I’m sixteen soon seventeen and I from France.I’m a high-level swimmer, registered on the ministerial lists. I’ve been swimming competitively since I was eight years old and I still love it. My long term plans are to take part in international competitions such as the world championships or the Olympic Games in LA in 2028
Swimming & diving
Placement year
Year of Birth

Information on Leandre RENAULT

Academic achievements

High School graduation : June 2025
GPA : 3.3
Major : undecided

SAT : no need
Duolingo : pending

Athletic performances

6’0 ft ft and 145 lbs
100m & 200m freestyle specialist
100 & 200 backstrock
Club : Etoile 92 (since 2022)
There is a lot of olympics swimmer in this team, like Béryl Gastaldello, Camille Lacourt, Medhy Metella or Jéremy Stravius.
I train ten times a week for about two hours each time. I do weight training once a week.

Personal Best
(25-meters pool):
50 freestyle: 23.2 sec
100 freestyle: 52.34 sec
200 freestyle: 1.54.00. sec
100 backstroke: 59.1 sec
200 backstroke: 2.06.00 sec

(in Olympic pool):
50 freestyle: 24.54 sec
100 freestyle: 52.95. sec
200 freestyle: 1.58.10 sec
100 backstroke: 1.00.23 sec
200 backstroke: 2.11.06sec

4 times young French champion and three times their (2021)
on the 400 meters freestyle (first) on the 800 meters freestyle (first) two times on relay (first x2) on the 100meters backstroke (third) on the 200 meters (third) one time on relay ( relay)

1 time third in French junior championships (2023)
third on the 100 meters freestyle

1 time second and one time third in French junior championships (25- meters pool) (2023)
one time second on a relay one time third on a relay


What makes you different?

II think I stand out from the other swimmers and classmates because of my determination and seriousness in training and at school. I’m someone who pushes my group to the top in training, I like to play the role of leader and sometimes give advice on how to improve. I’m not one to lose motivation; on the contrary, when I have a goal, I’m 100% determined. I like to study and learn new things/cultures, I’m also committed to my work and quite punctual in my work. I’m also a good listener to trainers and teachers, and I don’t turn down advice. What’s more, I like group spirit, like swimming in relays for example, because it’s a motivating factor.

Why do you want to play in the U.S college system?

I am currently in a high school and I was in middle school that’s trying to copy the american system and i really like it. i watch videos and read testimonials from people who are in different universities and i particularly like the atmosphere between the students and the relationship that an athlete can have with his teacher. i think that this system helps me work even more than normal schools because you feel less stressed by the classes.

Swimming and Life goals

My biggest goal is to get the best diploma in college to found a job in USA, In France or in other countries.

Anything else we should know

you should know that, as I said, I’m very committed to my work and my projects and that I’m more than motivated to achieve my goals.

The word of Leandre RENAULT

« I’m someone who pushes my group to the top in training, I like to play the role of leader and sometimes give advice on how to improve »