Ilias KAFI

My goals as a student-athlete encompass academic success, athletic achievement, personal development, and thoughtful preparation for a professional future.
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Information on Ilias KAFI

Academic achievements

High School graduation : June 2024
GPA : 2.46
Major : Business Marketing

SAT : pending 

Athletic performances

Position: Off Midfielder (Forward)
Club : Aviron Bayonnais
Division: U18 Regional 1
5’9 ft and 158 lbs

Competitions & Tournaments

Individual Achievements

2023/24 games played : 12
Career games played : 300+
23/24 goals : 8
23/24 assists : 6


What makes you different?

As a soccer player, I stand out for my technical excellence and profound understanding of the game. On the field, I not only master technical aspects with finesse but also showcase a keen understanding of strategies and game dynamics. My constant pursuit of improvement drives me to push my limits, always seeking to elevate my level of play. I am deeply attentive to advice and teachings, fostering a mindset that promotes continuous learning. My discipline and rigor form the pillars of my journey, allowing me to channel my efforts toward excellence and become an increasingly proficient player. It is thanks to this unique combination of technical excellence, game intelligence, a constant drive for improvement, and my rigorous discipline that I’ve had the opportunity to join prestigious teams.

Why do you want to play in the U.S college system?

As a sports enthusiast and athlete, my interest in college sports stems from my desire to reconcile my passion for the soccer with the goal of obtaining a quality education. College sports provide a platform where I can continue to develop my athletic skills while pursuing higher education. The university environment would allow me to tackle high-level athletic challenges while benefiting from rigorous academic training. My goal is to achieve excellence both on the field and in my studies, aiming to positively contribute to the team while preparing for future achievements, both in sports and professionally.

Soccer and Life goals

In terms of soccer, my aspiration is to deliver exceptional performances and make a meaningful contribution to the team for as long as possible. I aim to meet the coach’s expectations and achieve the collective goals of the team. Simultaneously, concerning my life goals, I aim to provide for my family’s financial needs at the end of my academic journey and establish a stable professional situation. By combining my on-field performances with a long-term vision, I hope to realize these aspirations both in the sports arena and in my personal life.

The word of Ilias KAFI

« I aim to meet the coach’s expectations and achieve the collective goals of the team. »