My objective is to combine my academic studies and sporting talent. For the past 3 years I have been combining tennis and studies by playing 15 hours per week while working hard to succeed in my studies. I am proud to have won three rankings and to have obtained my baccalaureate with distinction. I have the experience and motivation to work hard and would like to join an American university team to discover another culture of winning. I would like to be part of a team and proudly represent the university. At the same time il would like to study for a degree in economics.
Placement year
Year of Birth

Information on Yanis MIMAUD

Academic achievements

High School graduation : July 2022
GPA : 3.1
Major : Business

SAT : no need (transfer)
TOEFL/Duolingo : pending

Athletic performances

French ranking : 2/6
Best UTR : 10.07
6’1 ft & 154 lbs
Assistant Captain

Best Serve / Average Serve : 124.2 MPH / 115 MPH

Won 10 tournaments including 5 opens.
I played 26 tournaments during 2021-2022 season.

Club: Lagord Tennis Squash
Division : National 3

Season Single Wins:
2020 – 2021 : 24 matches and 19 wins (Win rate : 79%)
2021 – 2022 :73 matches and 41 wins (Win rate :56%)
Total since 2020 : 97 matches and 60 wins (Win rate:62%)


What makes you different ?

My background is atypical : why?
I started playing tennis late at the age of 8 and was unable to join the departmental committee structures for the best young players.
I was addicted to tennis and constantly asked my father to play outside of training in order to progress and catch up with my ranking.
I did not benefit from any help and I am very proud to have been able to progress thanks to all the physical and technical work that I provided in the club trainings and outside with my father.
At the age of 14 I became the number 1 in my category in the Deux-Sèvres department.
I also played rugby from the age of 8 to 14 at a very good level where I learnt the values of solidarity, collective effort and mutual aid which allow you to win as a team. Rugby was an excellent complement to tennis and allowed me to have confidence and control my emotions.
I stopped playing rugby with regret because I couldn’t combine three rugby trainings a week and five tennis trainings and still have a good level of education. I am ready to join a university team where I have all the qualities required to win in a collective spirit and proudly defend my team’s colors.

Why do you want to compete in college ?

The American university culture fascinates me because sports occupy a predominant place in it and carry values of effort and the cult of victory.
You don’t play for yourself but for the team and the university you represent with a strong sense of pride and belonging.
I would like to have this type of experience which will allow me to grow and enrich myself.
American universities are known for the quality of their teaching and I would like to obtain a degree in economics that will be valued internationally.

College goals

– Graduating with honors in economics
– Winning titles with my university
– Discover American culture and become bilingual

Tennis and Life goals

At the end of my university career, three professional options may arise:
1- Creation of my own multi-racket complex
2- Work as a salesman for a tennis equipment manufacturer 
3- Do management and sports training in a tennis club.
Whatever my choice, I want to continue playing tennis at a high level.

Additional informations

  • I have my tennis coach’s diploma since this year.
  • I have been volunteering with my club to give kids tennis lessons since I was 15 years old.
  • I’m assistant badminton instructor from the age of 15 to 17. My singles ranking was P10 and my  doubles ranking was the same
  • I practice beach tennis with my father and my best ranking was n° 396.
  • I practice Padel tennis with my father and my best ranking is N°1500.
  • I played rugby from the age of 8 to 14 at a high level. It is a sport I love and which has allowed me to gain confidence and collective values.

The word of Yanis MIMAUD

« I am ready to join a university team where I have all the qualities required to win in a collective spirit and proudly defend my team’s colors. »


Athletic USA – Yanis Mimaud – Fall 2023 – College Tennis Recruiting Video