I would like to enter one of the best University System of the world. I will then be able to bring credit to my university by performing in both studies and sport. My aim is to obtain the diploma which will secure my future professional life, while continuing playing tennis to reach my best level.
Placement year
Year of Birth

Information on Tina GOMES

Academic achievements

High School graduation : July 2022
GPA : 4.0
Major : Exercice Sciences

SAT : none 
TOEFL : Pending

Athletic performances

French ranking : 3/6
Best UTR 7.16
Wins / Losses since 2017: 113 / 71

Height: 5’7 ft
Weight : 132 lbs

2018, pre-national rise.
2019, Ball girl for Rolland Garros
2018, reward from the city for our team’s pre-national rise.
2018, UNSS department ‘s Champion with my school.


What makes you different ?

I am determined to progress, that’s why I am involved in everything I do, giving the best of myself, always providing efforts. I learn fast and I never hesitate to follow my coach’s advice. I am competitive and I never give up however I always stay calm and focused on a tennis court.

Why do you want to compete in College ?

Unlike in France, practicing in college leaves a greater place for the team spirit. I am sure that fighting for a university altogether is much more motivating than fighting alone. Being united, sharing victories or defeats, acting with solidarity and supporting each other are very important to me.
It is an opportunity that I don’t want to miss.

College goals 

I want to attend classes to obtain a diploma in exercise science. This graduation will allow me to be a physical trainer.
Studying in The United States will lead me to different ways of thinking, learning, working and living. Getting this open-mindedness to a different culture will be a real advantage in my future.
I want to improve my English and become fluent in both English and French to be able to work in various countries.

Tennis and Life goals 

I want to practice a job that I have chosen and that makes me happy. I want to help people to feel good in their body and reach their objectives. 
I want to be recognized for my skills and my results, leading my clients to their best level.
I will never stop playing tennis, it is a part of my life and I will always try to play at a better level.

Additional Information

I love listening to music and discovering new artists, watching films in original versions and reading different types of books (thrillers in particular).
I was rewarded in 2018 by my city for my great results during all the year.
I am vegetarian.

The word of Tina GOMES

I am competitive and I never give up however I always stay calm and focused on a tennis court.