I have played Basketball for 12 years and it won’t stop. That’s why I want to go to college to combine academic studies and sport. I trust myself and my skills to make the right sacrifice to achieve my goals.
Placement year
Year of Birth

Information on Tao HUBERT

Academic achievements

High School graduation : June 2023
GPA : 3.9
Major : International Business

SAT : none
Duolingo : pending

Athletic performances

Position: Point Guard (can help as SG or SF)
Shooting hand: right
6’0 ft ft and 149 lbs
Club: Oullins Ste Foy Basketball (Lyonso)
Division: U18 Elite (u18 France Groupe A)
Qualification among the top 24 teams in the country this season

In u13, departmental detection in the last 13/15 players for 2005 generations.

Season games played : 17 official (7 more to come) + 6 exhibition
Season Minutes per game : 20
Season Assists per game : 4.3
Season Points per game : 8
Season Rebounds per game : 2.8
Season Steals per game : 1.8
Season Blocks per game : 0.8


What makes you different?

I think I have what it takes because I have been fighting all my life from a sporting and family point of view. In Basket-ball I manage to reach the level that I have always wanted to play: national level (u18 elite) due to work and determination. I never want to give up but always being better. I am unique because my education thanks to my parent is about: if you want it, work hard! So I always try to work harder compare to the other to achieve my goals. My good organization since I have played High-Level basketball is key, I manage to go to training, do weight training, play games in the weekend and also do my homework for school.

Why do you want to play in the U.S college system?

I want to compete in college because it’s the perfect combo between basketball and study. I also want to play at the best level of basketball and I think College is one of the best level of sports behind professional team. I am a competitor, so college is the best option for me.

College goals

Highest possible level.

Basketball and Life goals

I want to live thanks to my passion: BasketBall. I want to make my family proud of me, by some sacrifices and achievements. 

The word of Tao HUBERT

 » I am dynamic with also a good defense. »