My objective today is to perform in the high level handisport. Its more than a dream, it’s a necessity for me. I swim since I was 8 years old and I can’t see myself doing without. Going to the USA for studies and swimming is for me a privilege that I do not take lightly. My handicap forged me a veritable fighting spirit who will help me in this project.
Swimming & diving
Placement year
Year of Birth

Information on Ronan LE BRIS

Academic achievements

High School graduation : June 2016
Associate’s degree : June 2019
GPA : pending
Major : Exercise Sciences

SAT : no need

Athletic performances

50 free: 24.00 (yds) / 28’32 (mts)
100 free: 51.63 (yds) / 1’01’13 (mts)
200 free: 1.52.66 (yds) / 2’12’70 (mts)
400/500 free: 5.15.38 (yds) / 4’49’51 (mts)

100 breast: 1.12 (yds)
100 fly: 1.03.10 (yds)
200 IM (yds): 2.14

Team events: 
– 3 times champion of France handisport by teams on (inter- region)
– 4e in championship of France handisport (young) in 50 and 100 breastroke 
– 9e today in my categories in France handisport
– qualified for the next championship of France 
– Championship n1 Elite with valid. Finalist to the 400 free swim. 

Height: 5’8 ft
Weight: 130 lbs


What makes you different ?

I am not an original swimmer. I have developed with my accident a solid mind. I am as united as I am determined to pull the group up. As I do today with my group. I’m kind of a leader as my coach would say. I’m not valid and I know it but I will be able to show myself to the height if you give me a chance, to show it you.

Why do you want to compete in college ?

What interests me in the compete in college is, the group and the motivation which emerges from it, whether it be in class and at the training. “Alone we are stronger, together we go further”. The motivation and the determination created by the group is for me essential to the confidence and the performance.  Personally, I feel more determinate when I trust my teammates and when they encourage me on important competition. It’s essential.

Swimming and Life goals

My first goal is to succeed. As well in studies that in swimming. In the swimming I would like to live my dreams and enter on the Paralympics team of France and next participate on the Paralympics games in Paris in 2024. 
In my life I don’t have the choice about my handicap, so I have to select a job that I like and that sustainable for me.

Additional Informatin

My hobbies are biking, walking in forest and playing team sports. 

The word of Ronan LE BRIS

I am as united as I am determined to pull the group up. As I do today with my group. I’m kind of a leader as my coach would say.