I joined a tennis academy in France for a few years in order to be able to train as often as possible and continue to progress! I am a good student, serious, and I will do anything to make you proud to have me on your team!
Placement year
Year of Birth

Information on Pierre DE CHASSEY

Academic achievements

High School graduation : June 2022
GPA : 3.5+
Major : Business

SAT : 900
Duolingo : 95

Athletic performances

French ranking : 4/6
UTR 9+
Club : FCL
Wins / Losses since 2017 : 100 / 122

Recently win against 3/6 and 2/6


What makes you different ?

I think I am different from others because I am used to giving 100% in everything I do. I set myself goals to move forward and I don’t give up until I reach them.
Another very important element in my opinion for joining an American university team is knowing how to live together. I am a good teammate and I encourage my friends to succeed, because together we go further!

College goals

Studies are very important to me and that’s why I want to join the U.S College system because it’s the best way to continue my passion for tennis while getting a diploma. I would like to study business, speak fluent English to later work in a large international company.

Tennis and Life goals

Tennis has been part of my life from a young age. It allowed me to grow up to be the person I am today. I am aware that I will not become a professional, on the other hand I would like to be able to reach my best level to continue to enjoy the game and competitions.
Later I would like to become a business man, member of an international company and build my family.

The word of Pierre DE CHASSEY

I am very hard worker, I like challenges and I am very coachable!