Noah Malige

My objective is to combine high level tennis in NCAA top division 1 university and to continue my academic studies. I have the experience and the motivation to combine these two things. I am ready to work really hard for the team and for my university whether in tennis or at school.
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Information on Noah Malige

Academic achievements

High School graduation : July 2020
GPA : 3.0
Major : Business

SAT : none
TOEFL : pending

Athletic performances

French ranking : 0 (since the age of 16 years old)
Wins against -2/6 -4/6 and -15

– ITF junior 700 (not playing international) and Tennis Europe 520
– At 14 years old, won 10 consecutive matches at the TIM ESSONNE Tournament
– Regional Champion
– 1/2 finalist of 2 J5 ITF tournaments (finalist in double)

Best Serve : 126 Mph (average 112)
Height : 6’0 ft
Weight : 169 lbs


What makes you different ?

I think what makes me different it’s my team spirit, my desire to win when I play for the team. I’m ready for everything when I go on the court. I give all the time the best of myself, whatever my opponent and the conditions. I am someone who surpasses himself when representing a team. I think  it’s my principal strength.  I also love to  work  really  hard, that doesn’t scare me and I like it. 

Why do you want to compete in college ?

I have known the American university system for a long time, and I have always kept it in the back of my mind. Discovering the American mentality, playing for a team, is something that has always interested me. This is something that could help me before I start on the tour.  To be able to practice your sport every day, while continuing to study at a high level is something great. That’s why I want to join a college, I think it’s a wonderful opportunity.

College goals

Win titles with my team
Represent my university
Give my best 
Graduate in Business 
Meet new people
Discover new horizons 

Tennis and Life goals

My goals in tennis,  it’s to be part of the top 100, to have fun and take pleasure while playing, and to give the best of myself. 
In my life my goals are to combine great studies and tennis, create a family and be happy. 

Additional Information

I am a very athletic person, I have been passionate about many sports since I was little. I love spending time with my friend and my family. 

sport etudes usa

The word of Noah Malige

I think what makes me different it’s my team spirit, my desire to win when I play for the team