I’m a young soccer player who is willing to give everything to succeed in my passion. I’m ready to make sacrifices to progress in this area. I will not only give everything on the soccer field but also in class !
Placement year
Year of Birth

Information on Marius DALIDET

Academic achievements

High School graduation : June 2023
GPA : 3.5
Major : Engineering

SAT : March 11, 2023
TOEFL/Duolingo : pending

Athletic performances

6 ft and 135 lbs
Position: Central Defender (CD)
Club : Cascol
Division: U18 R2

Three years ago we managed to win the championship, and then this year we play at the top with the team.


What makes you different?

I think what makes me different it’s my mentality, the thirst for success and my values. Never give up despite what’s going on, always stand up. And finally, my determination, for example, at practice or in a match when I miss something or do something bad, the next day I’m going to do everything to improve and not miss this next time. For quite some time now, I’ve been able to manage classes and soccer.
Indeed, when I was 11 years old I was studying sports with high school and my club and I quickly learnt not to mix the two but to know how to manage them. My good organization allows me to manage soccer, school and workout. Indeed, when I don’t do soccer training I do strength training to stay in shape. Thanks to that I am physically at the height, I can hold a whole game without stopping running.

Why do you want to play in the U.S college system?

 I want to compete in college because I want to play at a highest level and I’m a competitor. I hate to lose even if failure is part of success, without failure you don’t learn and progress. I want to also come to the US to discover a new culture and transmit this culture to my friends, my family and maybe later my children.

College goals

I want to get a Bachelor’s degree and after a Master’s degree in Maths or Architecture or Engineering.

Soccer and Life goals

My soccer goal is to become a pro player. And I know that I have to make some sacrifices and work harder, but I trust in myself and in my skills. In my life, as I said before, I want a Bachelor and a Master and after this I wanna make my life in the US because I love the country, the mentality, the happiness of the people.

The word of Marius DALIDET

 » For me, a team is a family so when one of my teammates is not well I will be there to boost him or if he misses something I will be there to encourage and push him to progress. »