The United States represent for me the only opportunity to continue to evolve in my sport while doing studies that I like. Leaving my family and my daily life to discover a new country is a big challenge but I am excited about all the things I have to discover and all the experience I can get from it. I know that it will not be easy but I am extremely motivated and ready to work hard to succeed in sport and studies.
Placement year
Year of Birth

Information on Louise DINARD

Academic achievements

High School graduation : June 2023
GPA : 3.8
Major : Engineering

SAT : pending
Duolingo : pending

Athletic performances

5’6 and 154 lbs

Eight Top 2 – 2,000m : 6:52’40
Four Top 2 – 1,500m : 5’10
Four Top 2 – 2,000m : 7’09

Silver medalist at the French U17 championship (4x)

French champion U17 in double sculls 2021.
Bronze medalist at the French senior championship (8+) I was upgraded to the senior category for this event while I was U17
Vice French champion on 2k erg with the time of 7’14.
4th on the 500m : 1’39 »2
French U17 record for 5000m : 19’17

Selection in the French U19 B team,
6th place international at the youth cup (1X)
French U19 record for 5000m : 19’07


What makes you different?

I am a very energetic and cheerful person. I’m very social and have a lot of curiosity. I like to bring a good mood to my team or to my friends . I am also a very determined person who knows how to work very hard to achieve her sporting and academic goals. I am someone who adapts easily, for example I can row on the starboard and port side. Finally I am passionate about rowing, this sport allows me to push my limits constantly and to measure myself against others, it’s one of the main reasons I do rowing.

Why do you want to play in the U.S college system?

I have always been very competitive and athletic since I was a child. When I discovered rowing, it was love at first sight. Since then, rowing has been very important in my life and I want to continue to grow and learn from this sport. That’s why I want to compete in college because it seems to me to be the ideal environment to progress and push my limits while following quality studies. Moreover I like to feel useful and put my strength at the service of a group so I love the idea that you don’t row for yourself but for the team and the university you represent with a strong sense of pride and belonging.

College goals

Concerning my studies I would like to study engineering. I don’t know yet in which field, but for the moment I am strongly affected by climate change so I would like to be able to contribute in my own way to make our society better. So I was thinking of something like an engineer in ecological transition or structural engineer.

Rowing and Life goals

I want to continue to improve as much as possible in my sport and my dream would be to be selected in the French U23 team. Concerning my life goals I hope to have a job that will allow me to help people and contribute to a better world. I would also like to discover other countries and other cultures.

Additional information
Every time I do something, I like to do it to the best of my ability to push my limits even further every time. I have been shaped by the many experiences that I have had in my sport or in life. Before I started rowing I did competitive swimming for 10 years. Besides rowing I also do a lot of road biking because it is a sport I enjoy a lot and it completes my training in a lot of good ways. Moreover, I am a very artistic and creative person, in fact I have been playing piano for 10 years, I have been doing classical dance for 8 years and I really enjoy handwork. Finally I am extremely curious, I like to discover new things or new cultures, for example I have been learning Japanese for the past 3 years.

The word of Louise DINARD

 » I like to bring a good mood to my team or to my friends . I am also a very determined person who knows how to work very hard to achieve her sporting and academic goals. «