Lamine ABDI

My goal is to combine my academic studies and my football talent. I want to be the best and I’ll do everything for it. Be a professional is my dream and I’ll do everything for that. But I don’t want to put school behind me and work at school is necessary.
Placement year
Year of Birth

Information on Lamine ABDI

Academic achievements

High School graduation : July 2017
Major : Economy
GPA : 2.0

SAT : no need

Athletic performances

Left Winger / Midfielder
Club: FC Plessis-Robinson
Division: Regional 1
Height: 5’9 ft
Weight: 143 lbs

Career – Games played : 300+

2015: d1 champion
2017: excellence/dh champion
2018: excellence/dh champion AS Meudon


What makes you different ?

I think my touch, my ball control, my skills and my game vision make me different, I can dribble 2, 3 players easily and assist or score. More, I really hate to loose so I give everything at every game, I can be upset for 3 days after a loss it’s really my phobia. Finally, I’m a hard worker, I ask for more work every day because it’s the only way to be the best in my opinion, talent is not enough.

Why do you want to compete in college ?

College is the perfect place to show my skills, my talent and be better, work everyday for something I love is my dream. If I don’t success in professional soccer, I can work thanks to a good college’s degree. I think the atmosphere in the school during playoff look like NBA and I love to see the public enjoy the game and watch us.

College goals

My goal in college is to combine studies and soccer, I’ll try to work hardest as I can in both. Be a good player doesn’t mean bad student at school. I wish I can find a pro contract or be drafted I don’t know but it’s not an obligation first of all I want to enjoy, meet new people have a great school and a good degree, and try my best to achieve the American dream because I believe in me and I work hard for what I want.

Soccer and Life goals

My first goal is to enjoy and take pleasure on the field, score as much goal as I can and help my team to win every game, I will work hard for this. My goal is to prove that with hard work everything is possible and I can be a professional player. I hope I can be drafted or find a pro contract, but if I can’t,  a job in finance will be the best for me I think.

The word of Lamine ABDI

I’m really ambitious and when I have a dream to chase, nothing can stop me.