Jérémie TRUEL

As we will discover below, I am from Nosy-Be the island of Madagascar, which means that I am Franco-Malagasy and that I already speak 2 languages. I am independent, hard-working and rigorous.
Placement year
Year of Birth

Information on Jérémie TRUEL

Academic achievements

High School graduation : June 2021
GPA : 2.5
Major : Geopolitical Sciences / Economy

SAT : none
TOEFL/Duolingo : pending

Athletic performances

5’7 ft ft and 132 lbs
Position: Def Midfielder
Club : Montferre sur laize
Division: R1 (R3 with senior)

Career / Season games played : 130 / 5
Career / Season goals : 6 / 0
Career / Season assists : 20 / 3

Champion of D1 (District 1) last year, so we went up to R3 this year.


What makes you different?

First of all, I have the soccer skills, and I have great motivation and desire to train and get to the next level. Second, I never give up and I always keep working to succeed. Finally, I am adaptable as I had the experience of growing up in Madagascar, where my family is from and move to France to complete my high school degree. 

Why do you want to play in the U.S college system?

The competitive spirit that I see between each university every year seem very attractive to me, as I have that spirit. Then we can practice the sport we like while having studies on the side.
I want to join the U.S college system because I really want to take a step forward in my soccer career and bring my experience of French soccer, but also live another experience (culture, language…). And because soccer is growing in America.

College goals

My main goals are: one, to win the competition or the championship with the college I am going to join and two, of course, to get my degree.

Soccer and Life goals

My ultimate goal and dream is to become a professional soccer player. And develop a career where I love to work and watch my team or people around me growing. 

Additional Information

Last year I was at the CREPS of Montpellier to obtain my BPJEPS Collective Sport diploma, specializing in soccer. Thanks to this diploma I can coach youngsters from U6 to U15. So last year I trained the U9 and this year I followed my players in U10 to have a progression with them. Although, I am not attending school this year, I am working in my club helping with maintenance as a civic service as I am continuing to coach.

The word of Jérémie TRUEL

« I am very versatile, both in soccer and in everyday life. »