Hugo Van Hecke

Placement year
Year of Birth

Information on Hugo Van Hecke

Academic achievements

High School graduation : June 2024
GPA : 2.7
Major : undecided

SAT : pending
TOEFL/Duolingo : pending

Athletic performances

6’1 ft and 156 lbs
Position: Middle Blocker
Spike Reach : 10’17 ft
Block Reach : 9’67 ft

Luxembourg U19 Championship 22/23 = 3rd
Luxembourg D2 22/23 : 1st
Strassen Youth Cup 2023 = 2nd
Walferdange Losch Cip 2023 = 3rd
Luxembourg Cup 2023 = 1/2 Finals


What makes you different?

My determination sets me apart from others. If practice is at 7,I’ll bet here at 6:30 and will never miss a single practice. I  also know how to manage my time to balance school and Volleyball. I’m committed to my goals and no matter what comes in my way I’ll do anything to achieve them.

Why do you want to play in the U.S college system?

Playing in the U.S. college system offers me the opportunity to further develop my skills as a middle blocker while pursuing a top-notch education. The collegiate volleyball environment in the U.S. is renowned for its competitiveness and high level of play, providing the ideal platform for me to refine my technique and showcase my abilities against some of the best players in the country. I am drawn to the prospect of training under experienced coaches who can help me maximize my potential and fine-tune my skills as a middle blocker. Additionally, competing in the U.S. college system will expose me to diverse playing styles and strategies, allowing me to broaden my volleyball knowledge and become a more versatile player. Beyond volleyball, the U.S. college system offers a supportive community and valuable resources to help me succeed academically and prepare for a successful future.

Volleyball and Life goals

While my primary focus is on excelling as a middle blocker in collegiate volleyball and contributing to my team’s success, I am also committed to pursuing academic and personal growth. I aspire to earn a degree in [insert field of study] that aligns with my interests and career aspirations. As a middle blocker, I have developed invaluable skills such as discipline, teamwork, and resilience, which I intend to leverage in my academic pursuits and future career endeavors. Whether I continue my volleyball journey at the professional level, transition into coaching, or pursue opportunities outside of the sport, I am dedicated to applying the lessons learned from volleyball to achieve success in all facets of my life.

Anything else you should know

I love music in general, it helps me in my everyday life. If I’m stressed before a game or a test, I listen to music to calm down. A part from that I have a good sense of team work, I’ve always gotten along well with the teammates I have played with and have left a positive impact on the group cohesion.

The word of Hugo Van Hecke

 » I excel in both blocking and attacking, utilizing my height, agility, and timing to dominate the net »