Gwendal MAZUAY

I am a hard worker and always want to do more in order to be the best! I am a good teammate and will support each player on my team like if they were my family! I have dual New Zealand and French nationality and I live in Switzerland, so I am able to adapt very well in a foreign environment and culture.
Placement year
Year of Birth

Information on Gwendal MAZUAY

Academic achievements

High School graduation : July 2022
GPA : 2.9
Major : Economics & Management

SAT : pending
TOEFL : no need

Athletic performances

National ranking : R1 (306)
UTR : 9.70
Tennis Academy Plan-Les-Ouates

Height: 5’9 ft
Weight: 152 lbs

Principal strengths:
Team spirit

2020 Winner of the CT Neuchatel II tournament
2019 Finalist Master Honda + Winner BCGE junior in double
2018 Winner Master Honda

Recent achievments : R1(210) at SPRING SUPER SLAM SAND CUP BERN (April 2021), R1(156) at LNA tournament (May 2021), N4 (111) at LNA tournament (May 2021)


What makes you different ?

I am different and unique thanks to my ability to adapt everywhere with everybody. I am a hard worker and I always give 100% of myself when I start something. I like to be part of a team and I think I am very helpful for my team because I always support and push each other the right way.

Why do you want to compete in college ?

It is very important for me to not choose between studies and sport. I want to reach my best tennis level, but also to get a diploma that could help me to join a big international company one day. I am convinced that the U.S college system is the only one allowing to combine both at the highest level!
It is a balance I learnt to deal with since many years and I will do everything to not change my life’s style.
I am open mind and like the meritocracy approach and so I think my mentality will fit to the college philosophy. I am sure I will feel very well in this environment.

Tennis and Life goals

Combine high level tennis and great studies in the best possible university in the U.S, in order to reach the highest level.

The word of Gwendal MAZUAY

I am ready to bring your team to the next level! I am very coachable and the perfect teammate!