Gregoire VALENTE

I don't want to choose between my studies and tennis, that's why the U.S college system seems obvious to me. I am passionate and I have been organizing my life around tennis for 10 years. Joining your team will be an honor and I will give everyday 300% of myself to make you proud and happy to have recruited me!
Placement year
Year of Birth

Information on Gregoire VALENTE

Academic achievements

High School graduation : June 2022
GPA : 3.2
Major : Business / pre Med

SAT : 1000

Athletic performances

French ranking : 1/6
UTR : 10.50
Club : FCL Academy
Wins / Losses since 2017 : 167 / 132
5’9 ft / 163 lbs

December 2021 : win at 0


What makes you different ?

My commitment to the effort and my desire to surpass myself
My physical abilities
My academic ambitions will contribute to obtaining the award for the team with the best GPA
My teammates are my friends and I am supportive in order to all win together
It is for all these reasons that I differentiate myself from others.

College goals

My biggest goal is to continue to play tennis at the highest level while studying in order to receive a diploma from a prestigious university.

Tennis and Life goals

I want to become the best tennis player I can be. Later, I would like to be able to work in contact with others, whether in business or in the medical world. Then I would like to build my own family and teach them everything I could have learned from my experience as a student-athlete.

The word of Gregoire VALENTE

I like to train hard, and always need more! I am very coachable and get along with everyone!