Clemence RAOULT

My name is Clémence, and I played soccer since I am 8 years old. I started playing from 8 to 10 years old with boys. Then I was selected by the MHSC (Montpellier) soccer in sports and studies. Then I moved with the men's team where I improved my soccer skills and my speed. Now I am in the women’s team of Sussargues and I am the captain. My objectives are both to concentrate on my studies and develop my skills in soccer.
Placement year
Year of Birth

Information on Clemence RAOULT

Academic achievements

High School graduation : June 2024
GPA : 3.4
Major : Undecided

SAT : none
Duolingo/TOEFL : pending

Athletic performances

5’2 ft and 120 lbs
Position: Midfielder
Club : Sussargues
Division: U18 R2 & Senior R1

Career / Season games played : 250 / 12
Career / Season goals : 90 / 10
Career / Season shots : 620 / 45
Career / Season assists : 160 / 20

Feminine cup during 2022/2023 at Sussargues 
Championship in Spain during 2021/2022 at Playa Del Mar  
Finalist at French cup in Cap Breton 
Finalist at Nantes 
Winner at Dirinon International Soccer competition in 2019

Les U13 Féminines du MHSC remportent le Tournoi International U13F de Dirinon – MHSC OnAir


What makes you different?

I am considered the best player of my team, and this make me unique. I have a good view of the game and my purpose is to make my team win. I am a hard worker and when I fix myself objectives. I will do everything to achieve them. 
I enjoyed training in order to improve myself. I always listen to advices from my coach. 

Why do you want to play in the U.S college system?

I think in USA the school’s system in college for sport is better than in France. I would like to discover the soccer and the competition in USA because I like competition. I believe that in USA there are more soccer competitions and I really want to practice soccer everyday which it is not the case in France

Soccer and Life goals

I would like to achieve my Bachelor’s degree in the U.S as I can have a good diploma and improve my English. It is important for me as it may allow me to be able to pursue my career abroad together with soccer. I love soccer so much and it’s definitely my passion, I have some other passions like running, strength training and sport in general. In my life I want to help and protect people who need.

Additional Information

I enjoyed running as well and I am interested in most of any athletic activities. 
I have my certificate of public basic first aid training (PSCE1)
Youth Work Diploma (BAFA)
Lifeguard qualification for Youth camps

The word of Clemence RAOULT

« I have a good view of the game and my purpose is to make my team win. »