Célestine ROCHE

My dream is to combined my passion for sports and my studies capacities to bring out the best version of what I can be. I would give the best of me to support the Team that I will represent. According to me, the motivation is the best key for the success.
Track and field
Placement year
Year of Birth

Information on Célestine ROCHE

Academic achievements

High School graduation : July 2022
GPA : 3.9
Major : Environmental Sciences

SAT : 1150
TOEFL/DUOLINGO : September 2021

Athletic performances

Hammer :
R4 throw
39.76 m (130 ft 5in)
Ranking U18 position 52/97

Pole Vault :
2020: R6
2019: 2.30 m (7ft 7in)

Club’s rank : 15/173 in the Region
Height: 5’5ft
Weight: 120 lbs

I practice Track and Field for 8 years. At the beginning I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I tried a lot of events, until I throw my first hammer, then I knew that  was it ! Since that day I trained more often with enthusiasm. Now I train 6 times a week.


What makes you different ?

First, I am very determined and perseverant : when I have something in mind I make sure that I will realize it. I also have a great technique assimilation, that’s help me a lot in hammer throw. I am very passionate, I can train everyday without being bored.  And when something bad happens or when it’s a bad day I always find the positive thing in the situation. 

Why do you want to compete in college ?

My goal is to reach the highest level possible in my sport and still pursue my studies. I think that American college sport team are the best place to reach that goal. I want to train and progress in the best equipped campus with a great team supervising.  I know that the championship is one of the toughest, but the challenge excited me.

Track and Life goals

I am very concerned by environmental issues like pollution, global warming and climate changes. My life goal will be to work in this field. And I believe that trainings in my sport at the highest level will bring me the necessary values and strength to succeed in my life.  

Additional Information

At 8 year old I started scouting. Now I’m a scoutmaster for other children and I volunteer in a local charity.  I like practicing snowboard, ski and surf. But I’m also passionate for other things than sport like photography and music, and I play guitar. 

The word of Célestine ROCHE

I am very determined and perseverant : when I have something in mind I make sure that I will realize it.