I am a French hooker, ready to make sacrifices in order to succeed both in class and on the field!
Placement year
Year of Birth

Information on Arthur LENDRIN

Academic achievements

High School graduation : June 2022
GPA : 2.9
Major : Business

SAT : pending
TOEFL/Duolingo : pending

Athletic performances

6’0 ft and 218 lbs
Position: Hooker
Alternate positions: Left Prop
Club : RCME (Rugby Club Massy Essonne) 
Division: U18 CRABOS

I am very good in hooker basics (throw and scrum)
I am good in defensive ruck (scratching / reversing ruck)

Bench Press (1 rep max) : 85kg
Squat (1 rep max) : 140kg
Deadlift (1rep max) : 145kg
Split time:
10m : 1’80
40m : 5’60
50m : 7’15

Competitions & Tournaments

French U14 Champions in 2019


What makes you different?

I am a persevering person with a lot of willpower, throughout high school and despite the difficulty in France I managed to combine high level sport and good level studies, and I continue today. I am also a very curious person who loves to travel.

Why do you want to play in the U.S college system?

I want to compete in an American College, because I want a great education and I want to keep competing at a high level. And the USA is the ideal place to do that.
I also looked at the level of play and realized that it was very good and this level and the different facilities will allow me to progress.

College goals

I want to continue a great level of education like now. 
I want to follow business major and to be graduated of bachelor if it’s possible. 

Rugby and Life goals

My goal with rugby is to keep playing as long as I can at a high level like in college. And then I want to keep playing rugby as a hobby. But if some opportunity comes, I will take them.

The word of Arthur LENDRIN

« I am very good in hooker basics (throw and scrum) and in defensive ruck (scratching / reversing ruck)I »