Apolline LAMY

Since my goal in my master's degree is to grow in my classes and to be able to play tennis as much as possible, doing a master's degree in the United States is the best choice.
Placement year
Year of Birth

Information on Apolline LAMY

Academic achievements

High School graduation : June 2019
GPA : pending
Major : Journalism / International Relations

SAT : no need 

Athletic performances

French ranking : 0 (best -2/6)
ITF junior 2018: 1182
Best UTR 10+
Wins / Losses : 124 / 85
Club : Tennis Club Berlin Tiergarten
Division : Meisterschaft II

2019: win 3 times at -15 ; semi-final ITF grade 5 ; 1/8 final at national French championship
2018: 1/4 final ITF grade 4 ; 1/8 final at national French championship

Height: 5’7 ft
Weight : 143 lbs


What makes you different ?

Since I was about 7 years old I have been playing tennis, I have always been passionate about it, but I have always been able to combine tennis and my studies. This is what has built me up, and now allows me to continue my studies and apply for a master’s degree for a scholarship. I think that unlike others, the fact that I have always studied at a high level helps me to build my tennis project at a high level. Moreover, with tennis tournaments, I was able to travel all over Europe at a very young age, which developed many qualities such as autonomy, self-confidence and leadership. I think that the combination of studying and playing tennis at a high level throughout my schooling makes me different. Furthermore, since the beginning of my university studies, I have studied in France for 2 years and in Germany for 1 year. I have already been able to experience the academic differences between these two countries, and I think I could adapt to the American university system quite quickly.

College goals

I would like to do my Master’s in a way that I can grow in my courses. I think the American system is more conducive to this, there is more freedom in the choice of courses. The classes seem to be in smaller rooms which makes it easier for the teachers to get in touch with the students. Also, there are a lot of different masters that interest me, from journalism to international relations and even public health.

Tennis and Life goals

I would really like to improve my tennis game and I want to give it my best shot on the court. I hope to improve physically and mentally. I’m very interested in the American mentality, in terms of self-confidence. I think my goals in terms of tennis and life are similar, to fulfill yourself in life by doing what you love and tennis is what I love.

The word of Apolline LAMY

I think that unlike others, the fact that I have always studied at a high level helps me to build my tennis project at a high level.