This opportunity is a real challenge for me as I want to mix 3 different goals: athletic one as I want to go higher and keep learning, an academic challenge too to focus on new subjects in a different language and also a fantastic opportunity to discover new culture.
Placement year
Year of Birth

Information on Alexis DE BREYNE

Academic achievements

High School graduation : June 2023
GPA : pending
Major : Sport Business Marketing

SAT : pending 

Athletic performances

Position: Goal Keeper
Club : USL Dunkerque
Division: U17 National
6’3 ft and 181 lbs

Competitions & Tournaments

Individual Achievements

2021/22 season saves : 12
Season Team records: 2 – 7

Paris Regional U16 GK
Trials in AJ Auxerre / Caen / Paris FC
Summer trainee in AJAX Amsterdam 2020


What makes you different?

I’ve always wanted to be a GK as being alone in a collective sport makes me feel stronger. My physical profile can make me “unique” as I’ve learnt to master my height with physical preparation for years. My wingspan make me specific too. I played at highest regional then national level for the last 3 years and already live as a boarder since 2019 and so used to be independent.

Why do you want to play in the U.S college system?

Competing in college is the best way to stay on top level and keep connected to normal life. Competing in college is also a way to build team spirit on a daily basis. I’ve played this way for the last 3 years and feel balanced. And be the representative of college values that I choose is also a real motivation for me.

College goals

In addition to this collective life, my goal would be to share my own experience and so also collect cultural, athletic learning from my community.

Soccer and Life goals

At 17, my goal is to go on soccer professional level without taking any risk on the other side and prepare my future life whenever it starts. Having the opportunity to get this international experience makes me motivated. Learning from other culture is also part of this personal journey.

Additional infos

Interest for all collective sports
Passion for sneackers and sneackers restoration
Determination to reach my goals in life and implement the right strategy for.

The word of Alexis DE BREYNE

« My physical profile can make me “unique” as I’ve learnt to master my height with physical preparation for years. »