My name is Aïana Colas, I am sixteen years old, I practice Track and Field in France and my discipline is High Jump. My plans are to obtain a bachelor's degree and then a master's degree from a world class university in the United States. I would like to be accompanied by the best coaches and facilities in order to go much further in my athletic ambitions. In the short term, after obtaining my French Baccalaureate (equivalent of the high school diploma) in 2022, I would like to go to a good American college while benefiting from a scholarship thanks to my athletic performances.
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Year of Birth

Information on Aïana COLAS

Academic achievements

High School graduation : July 2022
GPA : 4.0
Major : undecided

SAT : May 8, 2021
TOEFL : 30 April 2021

Athletic performances

Indoor High Jump : 1m60
Outdoor High Jump : 1m64
Outdoor Long Jump : 4m55

Height : 5’7 ft
Weight : 132 lbs

– 5th at the Junior French Cup
– Winner of the Euro district (international meeting between France and Germany)
– Winner of the international young meeting of Luxembourg

– Three times Champion of the Grand Est
– Four times Champion of the Alsace

– “Trophée des Sports 2019” for S2A « minimes » female team
– 1st “minimes” team of the region in 2019

I have the record of my club in high jump in four categories:


What makes you different ?

My achievements are the results of my determination, my hard work and my ability to handle high pressure.
Furthermore, I am also invested a lot academically. I am a student at the « Lycée Le Gymnase Jean Sturm » in Strasbourg, one of the best high schools in France (ranked in the TOP 10 in France).I will do everything in my power to honor my future school.

Why do you want to compete in college ?

I will be proud to wear my university’s jersey and to be part of a team.
Moreover, I will give myself a hundred percent and push myself during training sessions and competitions.And to conclude, competing at a high-level while being able to go to a prestigious college is my vision of personal fulfillment.

Track and Field and Life Goals

In Track and Field, my aim is to compete at a national level and to show the best version of myself.
My goal of jumping over 1m80 will permit me to excel in my category.
My life goal is to find a job that permits me to make the most of what I will have learned. I am thinking about a career in sports, to live out of something that I am passionate about. For example, Sport Management would be an option.This invaluable experience will have brought me academic and athletic excellence, that will be crucial tools for the professional environment.

The word of Aïana COLAS

My achievements are the results of my determination, my hard work and my ability to handle high pressure.